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Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime ® focuses on building essential skills needed to become productive, contributing citizens. The 100 is committed to mentoring and supporting individuals as they pursue goals throughout their lifetime. Our members are actively mentoring elementary, middle school and high school youth. Workshops for children and youth include topics such as positive self-identity and personal vision, life skills, social and emotional skills, moral character, work ethic and lifelong learning. All Mentoring the 100 Way techniques are developed using S.M.A.R.T . goals and utilize the following mentoring relationship models: 1 to 1 Mentoring, Group Mentoring, Tag Team Mentoring or Peer to Peer Mentoring.
The 100 Black Men of Maryland, Inc’s primary mentoring program whose methods seek to Help young men, ages 8 to 18, cultivate the cultural competence of Grit. Grit can be concisely defined as the desire to succeed. To achieve Grit, we believe there are eight unique attributes that we believe all proteges need to understand and master. We affectionately call these attributes the eights Elev8tors (elevators).
The Elevators include:

Leverage: A lifelong quest to perceive everything as a strategy, tool, or technique to gain and advantage over any opposition, obstruction or obstacle and lead you to victory

Labor: Of all the principal efforts required to achieve robust success, hard work and labor are the most crucial. The harder you work, the smarter you become.

Language: Grammar, Vocabulary, and Diction comprise the control panel that determine the outcome of your ability to lead. Language facilitates governance and control

Learning: Is the growth in one’s base of personal power by seizing strategies from other people’s experiences and adapting them to one’s own use.

Literacy: Imagine that the ancestors captured knowledge of all power and stored it in the cloud the wrote a letter to you with explicit direction on how to find it. Decoding these letters is your literacy.

Love: Strong desire compels achievement more powerfully than any other force. The romantic power of attraction pulls much more intensely than any other force can push. Love governs attraction

Lore: The story we tell about ourselves gauges our spirit, drive, and courage. A knight must craft, control, and tell a powerful story of his possibilities in order to increase his lore. Lore is the story we tell about self

Legacy: The height of your flight is determined by the strength of your passion to achieve. Passion is determined by purpose, the legacy you yearn to leave that will make your life sublime.

The Passage to Power (TP2P) Workshops include such topics as:
  • Engineering a Positive Self Identity
  • Mastering the Skills of Leverage
  • Cultivating Social and Emotional Balance
  • Building A Strength’s-Based Character
  • Developing a Dominant Work Ethic
  • Leveraging the Power of Lifelong Learning
  • Constructing the internal Drive to Adapt and Resile
It is our belief that the essence of mentoring is miming. That is were we get the mantra, “What they see, is what they’ll be.” To MIME mentoring suggests that we aim to: Model, Inspire, Motivate and Encourage our young protégés. It is through this that we believe that we will reach our ultimate goal of developing proteges who are *Inoffendable, Indispensable, Irrepressible. In addition to mentoring youth, 100 Black Men of Maryland provides educational workshops for parents and the community at-large.
*(We understand that enoffendable is not spelled with an “I”. For the purpose of iteration we have made the conscious decision to spell enoffendable with a “I”)