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100 Black Men of Maryland, Inc.
4413 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore MD (410) 664-6726
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Mentoring the 100 way
ACROSS a Lifetime!®
When Men laugh in the presence of boys all is right with the world because
 Pleasure Primes Proteges for

"The Passage-to-Power" (TP2P)™


"The Passage-to-Power" ™ is a 100 Black Men of Maryland mentoring program whose methods seek to
help parents cultivate in boys,  ages 8 to18,  the cultural COMPETENCE TO  WIN!

TP2P Workshops include such topics as:

  • Engineering a Positive Self Identity 
  • Mastering the Skills of Leverage
  • Cultivating Social and Emotional Balance
  • Building A Strength's-Based Character
  • Developing a Dominant Work Ethic
  • Leveraging the Power of Lifelong Learning
  • Constructing the internal scaffolding for Adaptability and Resilience
In addition to the TP2P Group Mentoring Workshops and Play-shops, 100 BMM endeavors to send each young proteges on a challenging quest to "slay the dragon".


When he returns, he will be ready to cross the threshold into manhood where the highest dignity and respect are  reserved for the most courageous.

. Our MIME mentoring Method suggests that we aim to : Model,Inspire, Motivate and Encourage our young proteges to create:
  • an Inoffendable Character
  • an indispensable Conviction
  • an irrepressible Constitution
If you think your lad is ready to learn how to control the systems that will govern his life forever, then you must bring him to

 see or sign up for a spot in the next Cohort of 100 Proteges by  contacting us at or call 410-664-6726 and say, Get me Major Bill!

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